The freecycling platform we all deserve, but haven’t invented yet… And yet, here we are!

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What is Karmitt?
The service is fully based on your geolocation so you’re always aware of what’s happening in your neighborhood
Karmitt is a freecycling platform, where users can give and receive various items absolutely free of charge!
This is a very important premise, upon which we’ve built this service, so we’ll repeat ourselves: absolutely free of charge!
Find items around you easily
We aim to solve several important issues
The Karmitt mission
Sounds ambitious, right? But here’s some logic: reusing items and prolonging their life cycle helps the environment by ridding it of unnecessary waste!
Help save the environment!
Help cut excess consumption!
Nothing exceeds like excess… We aim to teach our community that moderate consumption is perfectly possible via instruments, such as our app!
Many people have established lasting community relationships through our app. After all, nothing motivates more than seeing someone happy!
Nurture community ties!
So how does it work?
Write a brief description and tag the items accordingly
Watch your Karmitt balance grow!
Publish your items and gave them away to other users on the platform via our built-in chat
Download the app or go to our webpage
Take pics of things you’re willing to give away
Register online
Speaking of which… what are Karmitt points?
And yet there’s more to the picture!
Karmitt points can be used to pay for various partner offers. From exchanging a point for a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop to getting discounts at various shops. Our list of Karmitt partners is constantly growing and you will get real-time updates as new offers arrive
The idea is simple:
keep the Karmitt balance!
Upon registering on the platform each user is awarded 10 Karmitt points 
Each time you give something away a point is transferred to your wallet
Each time you take something a point is deducted from your wallet
Download our app and become a member of the Karmitt community!
So what’re you waiting for?
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